Things need to be prepared for your first ski

If you haven’t gone skiing before, you need to prepare carefully to make the first trip successful and fun. Let me introduce some basic information about skiing through the following information

1. Contact your acquaintances

If you plan to go skiing in a foreign country, you should contact someone who is used to working or studying there and who has experienced skiing.  Just ask your friend to sign up for a ski tour for you. And at least your friend will guide you about things need to be prepared , all you need to do is follow the guidances. In addition, the language barrier is also easily removed if there is a friend there.

2. Health and startup

Elderly people often experience pain when it is cold or some of them have problems related to joints, pillows, backs, etc., they should not participate in skiing unless they have experience or their doctors allow them to make strong movement.

In addition to starting before you play, you also notice when you go skiing, for beginners, you have to use your knees quite a lot (especially when you brake) so be sure to start this part carefully.

3. Tour information and time

Skiing time is appropriate in countries such as Korea and Japan from December to February. If you know Korean or Japanese, you can search for the tour information online and post. Signing because some places also give registration and pay via credit card. Depending on the needs of each person can register tour 2 days, 3 days or even 4 days to ski from morning to night.

4. Rent, buy stuff and tools

If you are not a native, do not intend to live in that country for a long time, not to mention that once a year the ski season is only once, instead of buying new clothes, you should rent the furniture right on the ski yard. Because clothes and ski equipment are quite expensive (at least about 10 million). If during the preparation process due to negligence you bring a lack of things because most of the skiing yards also lease all tools from top to bottom.

5. Learn how to ski through the Internet

Since I have never skid, not to mention the skiing time of only a few days, nothing is better than going on YouTube and learning how to slide the basic Ski or Board so that it can be applied immediately. Usually the first thing you have to do is to practice moving when you bring in Ski and Board, followed by how to fall off the injury, then the way to brake, slow down speed when sliding and finally the higher level skiing practice. m