The Basic Ski Tips

Skiing is one of the most incredible feelings on earth. Gliding down a mountain through virgin powder surrounding snow covered peaks with the sun glistening on, all topped with a clear sky and deep blue.

To enjoy the sensation these are a few tips for skiers of all levels!

Gravity – being able to steer and stop are key – takes you from the top of the mountain to the bottom. This isn’t always the safe or desirable route  so be carefull to follow the most direct route.

Balance while sliding down a mountain isn’t easy because snow is slippery. Try to balance you need a stance that is stable on the move and comfortable.

Uniform – Stay warm! Every morning before you get dressed check the weather forecast to make sure you keep warm and can easily watch the scene.


Sunglasses protect you from the sun, goggles when it is cloudy.

Don’t wear a cotton under layer if you don’t want to get cold! Dress a thermal layer next to your skin.

Don’t use big jumpers, use layers of clothes – it keeps you pretty warmer.

Wear one pair of socks only – your feet will get colder with more.

Put on waterproof outside layer – especially half of your bottom

Wear clothes with lots of pocket space. You can easily take off layers when you feel hot and carry extra ones when the temperature falls…

Protect your skin from the sun, wind and cold. pack plenty of sun cream so you don’t feel its power when snow reflects the suns rays that is great for tanning. Some sun cream also supply your skin a protective layer that prevent wind and cold burn too…

Color code – All pistes are given a trail colour code that reflects their difficulty. Be careful and in the morning or late afternoon don’t dive in the deep end first thing.

Insurance – accidents can occur. Make you sure you equip travel insurance including winter sports cover.