Summer skiing in Switzerland

Is it possible that there is “summer snow”? Do you believe it or not? Come on, come to Switzerland – the country is exciting for Euro 2008 finals and brilliant snowflakes falling in the summer after visiting the land of fog.

The journey to the UK is quite attractive by many famous attractions such as Big Ben clock with a bell weighing 14 tons and every 1 hour, the bell rings for a long time.

The Tower of London is associated with the nearly 1,000-year history of the British Royal Family, the headquarters of the British Government. Tower Bridge across the Thames River, which is a symbol of magnificent London …

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The angle of your camera will be beautiful when recording at Westminster Abbey – ancient works with over 700 years – the resting place of the royal, aristocratic, writers, and poets of England.

Windsor Castle, an art gallery of the Royal State Apartment. The mysterious stone circle is recognized as a World Heritage Stonehenge, beautiful Roman Bath public baths with Roman architecture … are the must-see points.

Leaving the misty land, two-thirds of the remaining journey is for Switzerland – a beautiful country with snow-covered mountains, a clock kingdom, a sweet chocolate flavor …

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trượt tuyết mùa hè

Lucerne – the ancient capital of Switzerland, Europe’s busiest tourist town, welcomes 5 million international visitors each year, considered a paradise of watches and chocolate.

Engelberg is a unique ski area that takes guests to the 3,388 m high Titlis cable car covered with pure white snow. Here guests are spoiled for the exciting ski sports.

Each destination is a color gamut with different levels. Bern – the capital of Switzerland attracts tourists thanks to its friendly environment.

In the old towns, vehicles are not circulated so visitors can freely roam in every corner of the city. The well-preserved arches, spiers, taps and faucets of the medieval period have made Bern a UNESCO World Heritage site.