Skiing Experience In Korea

Experience skiing on the runways is the specialty of Korean winter. If this winter or New Year you are still considering where to go. That is not a Korean trip and skiing experience is not a bad choice, is it? Let’s read the article below to get more information for your trip!

When the leaves of yellow and red leaves officially say goodbye to the branches, it is time for Korea to gradually turn cold and catch the first snow.

The coldest time falls from December to the end of February. The average temperature is only about -5oC, the coldest time can fall to -15oC and it can snow.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trượt tuyết

In Korea there are many places for you to experience this interesting game. The most famous is the Gangwon area with many convenient and modern ski resorts, serving all audiences.

The area has everything from unknown to skiing to runways for professional skiers all. In addition, Gangwon is very close to the center of Seoul, the facilities and the way here are also very convenient and rich.

So this place is always the first choice for those who want to try this exciting activity. Also very close to Seoul, just 1 hour by subway, Elysian Gangchon is a comfortable resort complex.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trượt tuyết

Besides, you can also sit on the cable car and admire the entire majestic natural scenery in sight. If you are traveling with young children or are not good at sports games. You can rent a slide, or ride a motor ski, build a snowman and throw snow and it is also very interesting!

Oak Valley Ski Resort is home to picturesque natural scenery, not inferior to any other European country. There are also a full range of chutes designed for all levels.

Vivaldi Park, also known as Vivaldi Park Ski World, is a favorite skiing spot for 7 consecutive years. This is one of the ski parks that are open all night to serve domestic and foreign guests.