Experience summer skiing in Australia

Every time the hot summer sun rushes, those who love travel ask each other to come to blue beaches, with white sand and melodious, quiet waves. Few people know there is a more unique way of dispelling the sultry feeling of summer sun, which is a summer skiing experience in Kangaroo country.

Located between the Pacific and Indian Ocean, Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, so there are many diverse and rich climates, different from those located in the Northern Hemisphere. Every June, when the summer is covering the heat of tropical countries, in the country of these cute kangaroos, the first snowflakes start to fall.

It takes about 3 hours from Melbourne to drive, the Alps with Buller Mountain appear to welcome visitors from all over the world to enjoy the majestic beauty of the mountains covered in white snow here. Hidden in thick coats, walking on layers of fluffy, white, cool snow, on top of it is a sparkling star sky, you can feel all the interesting, strange feeling. Visitors enjoy choosing this place as a summer tourist destination.

From July to mid-September is the best time to ski under the stars and many other exciting activities. You can move on snow boots to the top of Mount Buller and slide down in a rubber slide, or use a ski stick between eucalyptus trees on the skid trail like the professional athletes.

In addition, you can play snowballs, jump from the top down to the spring, together to unleash the creation of your own round, lovely snowmen, splendid snow houses, or take the cable car to see the beautiful Mt.Buller panoramic view. In addition to skiing you can still spend the rest of the time visiting the tourist destinations that are world famous such as Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House Theater, the National Assembly Building, the Capital Hill ….

The Australian winter is really a great time for those who love travelling to discover the beautiful nature and meet the friendly people of this beautiful land of Kangaroo.