Before you ski, remember to prepare carefully these accessories belows


 Remember to put on your ski helmet in the right way. Adjust properly your chin strap to make sure it not too loose  or too tight, it must fit your chin. Even if you slip on the slopes , the strap will not fall off. A snap-back strap is necessary if you wear ski goggles which are put under the helmet. But be awared that ski goggles are put over the top of most helmets.


Beginners probably don’t know how their boots should feel. It is really tricky for them to get right ski boots at the first time. Ski boots should not crush your leg and need to be tight around the shin. But the bottom of ski boots should not be too tight. The buckles on the foot has the main function which is to keep snow out and water resistant your boot. Fasten the buckles t make them comfortable and fit your feet.

If you get low flex boots you will feel soft. Boots with flexes of over 80 are not suitable for beginners should avoid on their boots. a flex of 50-60 should be considered for women. Men should look for boots with flex of 60-80.


Most beginners tend to think that the snow is very cold. So that They put on many layers of socks and this is a big mistake. Your feet will overheat and sweat if you wear a lot of socks. When the moisture in your socks gets freeze, your feet will be colder and blister easily. Find a good pair of ski socks which support your learning and fit the terrain.


A handle strap often goes with ski poles. In order not to lose your poles in mishaps and falls, you should correctly put your hand through this. Your hand need to put underneath the strap. Then grip the handle by lowering your hand., even if you fall when sliding down the hill, the pole will still follow. To clear this point, try to put ski pole on the opposite way and see how you can easily pull it off your wrist.


You need to place your skis parallel across the slope’s flat part. Press down your bindings’ back lever. Check for this jams in the binding make sure there is no snow on your ski boots. Your toe should be placed at the top ofyour binding inside and then use your heel to shift your body weight. Snap up the back lever and secure your ski boot.