La Plagne – The famous ski resort of France

La Plagne ski area France is an ideal place to participate in outdoor activities on the top of the Alps! Nestled in the Tarentaise valley on the Alps, La Plagne ski area in France is also part of the world’s second largest ski resort, Paradiski.

La Plagne skiing area, France, is self-rated as the most famous ski resort in the world. More than 2.5 million visitors visit here every winter with dozens of breathtaking sightseeing spots. It will not be like any ski resort you have ever met.

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And to get to it you will have to go by a 2-story cable car up to a height of 3,250m. This is because despite being called a unique resort. But it is actually made up of 11 separate villages in each of the different locations with options to enter different ski areas.

The lowland villages of Champagny en Vanoise, Montalbert and Montchavin are picturesque traditional agricultural villages with seasonal accommodations.

At an altitude of about 1250m, snow is guaranteed only at the time when the temperature drops the most. However if you want more snow there will be cable cars taking you to the higher resorts.

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What you need is altitude and you have to go to villages built at a higher peak for ski tourists. The highest of these are Center La Plagne and Belle Plagne, both at an altitude of 2050m.

La Plagne Center is certainly not the most attractive architectural point of the villages. Belle Plagne – with its wooden façade and chalet-style buildings a little more attractive than La Plagne Center.

It is also at an altitude of 2050m. So there is a lot of snow at the beginning and end of the season. The Belle Plagne area is quiet with a few restaurants and bars, but it offers excellent ski service and access to Les Arcs is via a Vanoise cable car.

The Olympic sport is extremely interesting but has been forgotten by the world

Skiing ballet is quite a strange subject. Then even most of us don’t even know it existed. This sport combines a lot of elements, mainly freestyle skiing skills and enough of the jump, rotation and many dangerous movements. Put simply, ballet skiing is ballet dancing on the snow thanks to skis, plus musical elements.

Figure skating, speed skating is one of the popular winter sports and attracts a lot of followers. However, before, there was another interesting sport: ballet in the snow.

Skiing was described as a “performance sport” at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. However, it was not very well received by the audience.

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After another disappointing appearance at the 1992 Olympics, it was removed from the list of Olympic sports. By 2000, skiing ballet was almost completely forgotten.

Thanks to NBC Olympics, the world has been able to admire the impressive performances of the ski ballet. Ballet skiing is a very complex sport with many difficult movements. Before participating in this sport, athletes must have a certain level of skiing.

According to an article on Grantland in 2015, music is not part of ballet skiing. It appeared until athlete Suzy Chaffee suggested adding it to the performance in the 70s. Since then, the dance element is more interested in ballet skiing.

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Ski categories such as aerials, halfpipe, moguls, ski cross, slopestyle will continue to be featured at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games.

Ski ballet was renamed “acroski”. Acrobatic ski – acrobatic skiing. This is one of the last efforts to help Olympic receive this subject. However it was unsuccessful.

Canadian skier Chris Simboli successfully performed the legendary moonwalk of Michael Jackson. And he surprised the witnesses. Unfortunately, at that time, everything was difficult to “viral” as it is now.

Skiing in Nagano

It’s almost winter in Japan, do IT engineers have the opportunity to experience skiing in areas near Tokyo, but more specifically Nagano Prefecture? Don’t be too engrossed in work, let TalentHub check out the famous ski destinations below in Nagano.

Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a first-time skier, you are completely comfortable and confident because this is the most ideal place for engineers who love snow and skiing.

Ryuoo ski area is famous for rope-way with a capacity of 166 people. Sitting on the rope-way to admire the majestic winter mountains along with the 6km slide length. You will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain.

However, the engineers also note that this skate is only for those of you who know how to skate and skate well. In addition, there is terrain slider for those who prefer thrills.

Madaraokogen Ski Area hosts many international tournaments. There are many skid rails here for professional people, and more and more enrichment. The highlight of this slide is the width of a large slide, so skating between skates is rare.

Tsugaike Kogen Ski Area is suitable for beginners or intermediate level skiers. The width of the track here is up to 1200 meters. So it is very comfortable for you to race. In addition, here also opens difficult and risky roads to suit you at a high level.

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Hakubahappouone is a famous slide for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. This skating site is relatively difficult only for those of you who are fairly advanced or above. However, this is an ideal place for those who want to learn from experience and enjoy the beautiful slides from professionals.

I hope that through the above mentioned ski resorts, engineers will find a suitable one and have relaxing moments after stressful working hours.