Basic techniques of skiing

Whether you’re a child or an adult you can learn to ski. You’ll be able to master safe ski manoeuvres with your practice. These are the basic techniques for skiing and snowboarding beginners to quickly turn your careful skiing endeavors into your first dynamic slide.

Technique 1. Slide and move

When you move try out how the skis touch your feet. A level ground is the best for skiing. You should use ski poles to move the skis forwards and backwards a little bit. Try a gentle hop, using both of your legs and change constantly from one leg to the other. Take small steps forwards to move with your skis. You should try to slide as long as possible on one ski. Remove one ski, and use a kick scooter to propel yourself forward.

Technique 2. Snowplough and schuss

You should find a gentle slope with a spacious run area for climbing the slope, using sidestep climb technique. Keep your skis parallel to your hips and stand sideways to the slope. Step sideways up the slope and put your weight on the upper edges of the skis to climb up. Start a slow, straight schuss, without utilizing sticks and keep your skis parallel when you reach the top. Then slow down by using the snowplough technique. Create a wide gap between the skis’ backs and put the tips of the skis together. And slow down shifting your weight on the inside edges of the skis.

Technique 3. Pole use and parallel turns

When you master slide and slow down cautiously on a gentle incline, you can try out your first arc manoeuvre in the position of your snowplough. Turn one knee in the skyward direction and shift your weight to the outside ski during the manoeuvre of snowplough. Through arc manoeuvre put the skis slowly into a parallel position. Use your hands to ensure that the edges get the appropriate amount of pressure. your hands. Hold your arms to press your inwards and downwards outer knee. Add the ski poles when this works well. Remember the rotation of the skis around the poles. Put the pole into the snow upon the inside of the turn before you start your turn. Turn the inner ski gently and place optimal pressure on the outer ski. In the turn use the pole to gently push yourself back.