6 most popular ski destinations in Japan (Part 1)

Arriving in Japan in the winter, don’t miss the skiing locations in Hokkaido for an enjoyable experience.

1. Fujiten in Narusawa

Fujiten Snow Resort is a small ski resort along the northern side of Mount Fuji in the lake area. Fujiten ski area is a large ski resort and offers good facilities, including views of Mount Fuji. Another ski area, Snow Town Yeti, is located south of the mountain.

Fujiten is suitable for everyone and especially Japanese tourists who want to experience skiing. The ski area consists of two 1,300 meters long snow slopes suitable for beginners, and a 500-meter snow slope for starters to learn skiing. The resort also has steeper, more elevated slopes and terrain with many hops, tracks … attracting professional skiers. This area has natural snow and artificial snow.

Fujiten also has a very large children’s area, where children can ski, jump on trampoline, learn to ski or just play in the snow. Tickets for children’s parks are 700 yen (150,000 VND) per person.

2. Shiga Kogen Resort

Shiga Kogen is a ski resort that integrates 21 ski resorts in one. It is located in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, about 20 km from Nagano. Shiga Kogen ski area has many different terrains for every level. There are about half of the terrain sliding with a slope suitable for beginners, about 40% of the terrain is suitable for skiers at a normal level. Besides skiing, you can also enjoy recreational activities in some bars and cafes.

3. Hakuba

Hakuba has a large ski area with 960 hectares and a variety of ski slopes. This is a famous ski town located in the northwest of Nagano Prefecture. Here are many tourists choose to participate in skiing because there are many suitable terrains to meet all guests and different styles of skiing. Besides, the price to participate in skiing and other recreational activities is very suitable for tourists’ money.